• Our Mission

  • Core Values

    CHMS is committed to genuine Montessori education principles.

    • Respect for Children, advanced by a responsive, prepared learning environment that provides for hands-on exploration, spontaneous activity, and active learning.
    • Respect for the Individual, advanced by freedom within limits that allows for self-directed activity and individual progress and development that enhances the intrinsic motivation to learn.
    • Respect for Community, advanced by multi-age classrooms that focus on cooperation and collaboration and build the skills of healthy interpersonal relationships among children and adults through the practice of social grace and courtesy.
    • Respect for Humanity, advanced by activities that bring greater awareness and appreciation of, and sensitivity for, the people and customs of other cultures and put into action through service to others.
    • Respect for the Natural World, advanced by direct experiences in nature and science that expand each child’s sense of wonder, further an understanding of the world and the universe, and awaken an awareness of the interconnectedness and fragility of our global environment.
  • Vision

    The Children’s House Montessori School practices authentic Montessori principles while serving as a community hub where children and parents share in common fellowship, respect diversity, and work to integrate into the broader community.

    CHMS provides Montessori-based educational programs in academics, the arts, and the natural environment, and serves children from toddler-age through middle school.

    The CHMS facilities fulfill evolving classroom demands, embrace the natural environment for exploration, cultivation, and play, and foster vibrant school community connections in shared meeting spaces.

    In all that we do, CHMS honors the tenets of financial, organizational, and environmental sustainability.